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IPS MSR and RFM Committees Collaborate for Virtual Mentorship Event

Electronic Fall 2022  |  Issue 52

IPS MSR and RFM Committees Collaborate for Virtual Mentorship Event
By: Aasna Gaur, Midwestern University, Class of 2023
On Sunday August 21st, 2022, Illinois Psychiatric Society hosted a virtual zoom event featuring six breakout rooms with residents representing their training programs: Rosalind Franklin, Rush, UIC, UICOMP, Loyola, and Lurie Children Hospital’s Child and Adolescent Fellowship. During this career guidance event, the speakers provided insight to 4th year medical students applying psychiatry this cycle as well as medical students in their earlier years of training who are interested in the field of psychiatry. A variety of topics were discussed including information about rank lists and obtaining letters of recommendation in support of applications, research opportunities during residency, general tips and advice on the residency interview timeline and process, and different practice settings within psychiatry.
This career guidance event occurred just three days after the IPS Rooftop Terrace Happy Hour social on August 18th, 2022, that was hosted for young psychiatric professionals including medical students, residents, and early career psychiatrists as an opportunity to network with friends and colleagues from around the state. The rooftop social was one of the first in person networking opportunities that I was able to experience since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. It was a delight to be able to see my peers and colleagues for an in-person event and was great to then see a few familiar faces from the rooftop social at the career guidance zoom event.
Reflecting on the event, I am grateful to be a member of the Illinois Psychiatric Society. I was the first in my family to graduate from college with a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Loyola University Chicago back in 2019 and then go on to attend graduate level education at Midwestern University. The experience has been humbling as my parents and family are incredibly supportive, but no one has gone through the journey of medical school before. Thus, I am often left to my own devices when it comes to navigating medical education.
Consequently, the networking events and the opportunity to receive candid advice is something that I actively seek out and immensely value! My advisors at Midwestern University are a wealth of knowledge, however, being able to connect with individuals who recently were in my shoes regarding applying to residency and going through the application process is unmatched.
IPS provides a unique opportunity for medical students to receive mentorship from likeminded individuals who are happy to support and encourage students as they embark on the journey of residency and beyond. Psychiatrists are uniquely trained to extend compassion and empathy, and this radiates from the collaborative and team-oriented approach that I witnessed from members of IPS at the Rooftop Terrace Social and the resident panelists at the Career Guidance Event!
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