APA Assembly Report

Electronic Spring 2021  |  Issue 46

APA Assembly Report
Arden Barnett MD, Jeffrey Bennett MD, Linda Gruenberg DO and Shastri Swaminathan MD
Your Representatives from IPS participate in the Assembly at large as well as being part of Area 4 Council of the Assembly.
Area 4 is a large geographic area comprising twelve Midwest states, each with one District Branch. The Area stretches from Ohio to the Dakotas and Minnesota to Missouri. The Area includes large DBs (e.g. Illinois Psychiatric Society) and small DBs (e.g. North Dakota Psychiatric Society).
The agenda at the Area 4 Council meetings held in conjunction with the Spring and Fall Assembly Meetings, generally revolves around the agenda of the Assembly with review of Action Papers and Position Statements.
The Area Council 4 meetings that occur in late winter and summer provide an opportunity to review specific DB issues in a more comprehensive manner. 
We are pleased to report about our Legislative Institute hosted virtually by Area 4 on February 20, 2021. Area 4 has been a leader in the Assembly with advocacy and legislative matters. We have hosted this institute annually for the last 17 years 
We had a large number of participants at the institute which included leadership and guests from IPS as well as other states and DBs in our area.
We thank APA Government Relations Staff who helped to organize this event. The institute included updates on Federal and State matters and state by state reports in Area 4.
The keynote presentation was given by newly elected Illinois House Speaker Emanuel Chris Welch who gave an outstanding presentation. Our special thanks to IPS President Dr. Susan Scherer and Executive Director Meryl Sosa and IPS Lobbyist Mark Peysakhovich for their roles in making this happen. And very many thanks to Speaker Welch for taking the time to meet with us and giving this wonderful presentation. IPS is truly a leader in Area 4 and the program was appreciated by the IPS members in attendance.
We also express much gratitude to Dr Shastri Swaminathan, Area 4 Legislative Representative, for organizing and moderating this program and Dr. Kenneth Busch Area 4 Representative for his support.
The goals for Area 4 this year will include: 
  • Finding legislative champions and forming mental health caucuses in the legislatures within the states of Area 4.
  • Increase engagement with the medical societies regarding governmental issues and PACs.
  • All states within Area 4 will work on collaborative care management model promulgated by APA (Illinois already has this law).
Area 4 Council is planning to meet again during the Spring Assembly on April 24, 2021.
The meeting will focus on discussion of Action papers and Position Statements and also on business matters and planning for our summer virtual meeting.
Your APA Assembly Representatives are here to serve you and IPS. Please let us know of any matters to bring to the attention of Area 4 Council and the Assembly at large.
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