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IPS Medical Student Committee Kicks Off

Electronic Spring 2022  |  Issue 50

IPS Medical Student Committee Kicks Off!
By: Julia Lambert

The Illinois Psychiatric Society Medical Student Committee has finally taken off! With students from several medical schools across the state meeting monthly, we have begun to piece together the future of this uniquely collaborative group. 
While those working behind the scenes have been doing so for some time now, after much anticipation our first official meeting kicked off in early December, making us an incredible 3 (almost 4!) months old. Rest assured, we have done so much more than your average 3-month-old. During this time, the group has already been evolving and changing as students from now 4 medical schools meet to get to know one another and deliberate their goals and visions for what is to come.
Over the last several months, the group has taken shape through guest speakers, foundational discussions over our role in APA and IPS, and have begun the process of forming an executive board. We are moving forward with resident-student mentorship programs with hopes of networking events and are discussing the potential of several new opportunities available for members in order to pique interest and further educate those who wish to participate, including more speakers from different psychiatric fields, volunteering, research, and outreach. 
Our plans include nothing but expansion with enthusiasm, aiming to eventually involve students from each medical school in Illinois to create a network of prepared students, lending to colleagues, with psychiatrically centered practices and minds. With so much potential and already so much growth, we are excited to see what is to come in our next 3 months and beyond. We are hoping to connect with and have representation from all the medical schools in Illinois.
If you are a medical student, resident, or faculty member in Illinois not yet connected with us, please reach out to the IPS Director of Operations, Kristen Malloy. We hope to connect with you soon!
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