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Electronic Spring 2022 |  Issue 50

IPS RFM Committee Launches "Real Talk" Initiative
By: Jasleen Singh

The IPS Resident-Fellow Member (RFM) committee is piloting a new initiative to better serve the interests of our resident-fellow members. The first two events of this new format will occur in April and June, with a plan to develop further sessions on a regular basis, starting this summer!

The committee is shortening the monthly meeting and condensing the normal meeting with its updates and discussions to the first 30 minutes. The second half-hour of the meeting will be reserved for this new initiative, coined "Real Talk". The goal of this initiative is to allow 30 minutes for residents and fellows to have an informal conversation with an attending. These sessions will be targeted specifically towards RFM interests, allowing for discussion of various topics including subspecialties, academia, private practice, contract negotiation, work-life balance, etc. The goal of this "Real Talk" initiative is to allow for a short, low-key informational session where RMFs can have their questions answered in real time, on various topics, from people with various perspectives! The frequency of these "Real Talk" sessions will depend on interest and turnout for these sessions, and if warranted may result in incorporation of these sessions during each monthly meeting. The first "Real Talk" session will be held on Tuesday, April 5th.

We encourage residents and fellows to join the Illinois Psychiatric Society and become a member, if they haven't already done so, so that they may take advantage of these multiple opportunities, including the "Real Talk" sessions and various mentorship programs. 

RFM members are also welcome to join our monthly RFM committee meeting, and even serve as a representative for their program! The RFM committee meets the 1st Tuesday of each month at 6pm and welcomes all interested IPS members to join the monthly meetings or our listserv. Contact Kristen Malloy to be added.
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