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April "Real Talk" with Drs. Jen Kurth and Jim Mackenzie

Electronic Summer 2022  |  Issue 51

April "Real Talk" with Drs. Jen Kurth and Jim Mackenzie
By: Jasleen Singh, MD

An essential part of psychiatric training is learning from others, to explore the field and understand various modalities of practice. While many trainees may reach out to the attendings and senior residents within their program, obtaining multiple perspectives from a variety of sources is important. With this in mind, the IPS Resident Fellow member (RFM) committee decided to model after the IPS Medical Student committee and incorporate guest speakers during monthly meetings.
In April 2022, the IPS RFM committee launched “Real Talk” sessions, with a goal to allow for trainees to have their questions answered and seek advice from attending psychiatrists with diverse backgrounds. During the first session, Drs. Jen Kurth and Jim Mackenzie had an open and honest discussion with IPS RFM members.
A novel experience for many IPS members, residents were not sure what to expect. However, the response was overly positive. Feedback was obtained from all of the session attendees, who noted that they would recommend future “Real Talk” sessions to their peer residents.
In a session filled with advice from seasoned psychiatrists who have experienced practice in various settings, fellowship training and real-world advice the session covered many topics that are not always part of standard training, including considerations regarding work-life balance, contract negotiation, RVUs, and networking.
The next session will be occurring in June and will likely continue to be held every 2 months. Active IPS membership is required to join. If you would like to receive more information about upcoming “Real Talk” sessions or need to inquire regarding your membership status, please contact us!
Here are just a few pieces of advice from our April “Real Talk” session with Drs. Jen Kurth and Jim Mackenzie:
  • Stay connected with the people you train with, work with, and learn from – this is important for mental health, collaboration, and advocacy.
  • During training, you should “take in the aspects that make a rotation enjoyable to you because those are the aspects you will want to look for when you look for a job."
  • There are many ways to practice psychiatry – it’s okay if your priorities change, align your priorities with your job and find the role that fits best for you.
  • There are various facets of psychiatry - each has responsibilities associated with them. Consider what responsibilities various titles or roles come with and whether this aligns with your goals.
  • When looking for a job, learn as much as you can - inquire about how RVUs are calculated, patient population, time spent on administrative work vs patient care, etc.
  • Be mindful of non-compete clauses. Don’t hesitate to seek advice from a lawyer before you sign a contract
  • Wherever you decide to work, inquire what supports are available and how/who to ask for support.
  • When considering overall work-life balance, consider your workload and hours in relation to when other family members don’t have as many needs so that you can utilize your time accordingly.
  • Remember – there’s a high demand for psychiatrists! Figure out what’s important to you and you can find a way to make it work!
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